Sunday, 12 October 2014

How to react to the situation when your email gets stuck in the Outlook Outbox folder and refuses to be delivered?

There are times when you need to send an important message to someone and it gets stuck in between. Failure to send a message can hamper the usual work flow and instigate a lot of delay in usual day to day process. There could be many reasons leading to this situation such as, email containing large attachment, trying to open the email when it is already in the list of send/receive process, incorrect settings, absence of proper authentication, no internet connectivity, no default email set, virus attack damage conditions or usage of Outlook by some other tool.
If the email is stuck because of large attachment, then removing it, resizing it or sending the attachment in parts must be the right way. To delete the specific email, you can go to that email and delete it by right clicking on it and selecting Delete option. To edit the email, set Outlook in Offline mode and drag the email from Outbox to Drafts folder and proceed with the changes. If you get the error, “Outlook has already begun transmitting this message”, then there are very little chances you can edit the email. You must wait for the send process to complete. 
If this does not solve your issue, there might be chances that the Outlook email settings are not correct. Verify the password by logging in to your profile in Outlook. If you have recently changed the password then you must change the account password in Outlook as well. Here is how to change the password as required:
  1. Go to the File menu->Info->Select the Account Settings

  2. In the Account Settings dialog window: select account where you need to change the password and click Change
  3. Type a new password in the corresponding field and Click Next to finally finish the process.
If the account is not properly authenticated with the Server, then you must check the settings and do the required. In Outlook 2010, you need to go to the File tab, Click Account Settings and Double click the Advanced Tab. Click on Tools menu ->Accounts settings and go to Email. Switch to the Outgoing Server Tab and check if the Outgoing Server Port number is correct (it should be 25 for SMTP accounts).
If the Outlook is set to work offline, then change it to “Online” mode. Go to Send/Receive tab -> Preferences group -> click the Work Offline button to toggle it off. Check in task bar if program is using MS Outlook. In case of virus attacks, some process might be using the email application at the back. You need to stop the process and remove the virus from the system. These could be few tricks to deal with the email stuck situation. However, if nothing resolves it, the MS Outlook might be damaged or some OST file with it and the best way to repair OST file is by downloading a third party tool for it.
Kernel for OST to PST Conversion performs quick and easy OST repair and saves everything in PST, EML, MSG or DBX format as required. The software requires no technical expertise and can be used by anyone. The tool repairs emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, posts, task requests, journals, notes, appointments, meeting requests, distribution lists, etc. with complete accuracy in less time. It allows user to save specific items based on given criteria and fully supports password protected OST file conversion also. Also available in trial version to try the tool before purchase, this is the best solution to deal with OST damage situations. Download free version :


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